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Quake III Arena

Taste the ultimate in fast-twitch Deathmatch action in this demanding single-player demo.

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As in its dozens of first-person shooter ancestors, id Software and Activision's Quake 3: Arena transports players into a violent, virtual world filled with deadly weapons, impressive power-ups, and intense combat. Players compete on 26 maps in either death match (free-for-all or team play), with goals to rack up as many kills as possible; or capture the flag, a team-oriented game with scoring based on the number of enemy flag captures. Though presenting the best death-match experience around, Quake 3's two game types lack the variation and originality of a similar game, Epic's Unreal Tournament.
Although you'll need the latest video card and computer hardware, it's impossible to dispute the sheer beauty of Quake 3's 3-D engine. The 26 maps are filled with exquisite architecture and impressive special effects; further, Quake 3 provides dozens of highly detailed player models to choose from. If you've played other id Software first-person shooters, the weapons should all look familiar: machine gun, shotgun, plasma gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, lightning gun, railgun, and the BFG 10K. Though impressively rendered and balanced, you've likely used them before in id's Doom, Quake, or any number of other first-person action games.
Hopping online and competing against other Quake 3: Arena players worldwide requires only a 56K or better Internet connection and a few mouse clicks. Quake 3 offers an infinitely replayable multiplayer experience (and a violent one--not for youngsters), but an unsatisfying solo game. Its single-player tournament mode - a series of death matches against computer AI bots - serves simply as a massive training exercise for multiplay.
- Review copyright Doug Radcliffe,

Minimum System Requirements:
- 3-D Hardware accelerator with full OpenGL® support*
- Pentium® II 300 Mhz processor with 16 MB Video Card
- K6®-3 AMD® 350 Mhz processor with 16 MB Video Card
- Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3) operating system
- 225 MB of free hard drive space for the Windows swap file and install space
- 100% DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card
- 64 MB RAM

Published by: ID Software  - View official site
Downloads Thus Far: 2267

Date Added: 11-May-2002
Visitor Rating: 8.06 (from 16 votes)  - Add your rating
File Size: 42MB
File Type: Single-Player Demo

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