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Star Trek: Away Team

Star Trek Away Team combines Action and Adventure in the Star Trek™ Universe. Select your away team from 17 different crewmembers. Easy to use controls and an epic storyline, bring this Next Generation Star Trek title to life. Do you have what it takes to save the quadrant?

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Star Trek: Away Team brings Gene Roddenberry's famous creation to yet another game genre: tactical strategy. Tactical strategy is typically turn-based, only this one is in real time. Still, Away Team has a lot more in common with games like X-Com, Jagged Alliance, and Baldur's Gate than it does with StarCraft.
The concept casts you as commander of a Federation commando group. Using new technology, you and your crew are chartered to infiltrate galactic hot spots and efficiently handle problems. Your best tech toy is a ship that, thanks to an experimental holographic projector, can look like anything you want it to. This variable cloak lets your team move into position to beam down and take care of the problem with minimum fuss.
Commander Data (voiced by Brent Spiner of Star Trek: The Next Generation) doles out advice as you outfit your team and carry out diverse missions, such as hit and runs, rescues, sabotage, and raids, using all kinds of cool Federation tools and weaponry. Each team member has his or her own unique skills and equipment. For example, the group leader has grenades, the Russian engineer is the only one who can use a Romulan cloaking device, and your Vulcan security officer can mind meld with the enemy, giving you temporary control of him.
The strategy is solid and the game is brisk and attractive, although it is crippled with substandard artificial intelligence. Your troops aren't smart enough to return fire on their own, and you'll begin to wonder if the enemy has any battle plan at all. Missions are puzzlelike and repetition is necessary, often tediously so. And there is only a tiny fraction of the multiplayer options a game like this should have. Multiplayer is only available in cooperative mode and only then on linked computers at home. What? You don't have two or more computers linked at home? Sorry--there are no Internet options.
- Review copyright Bob Andrews,

Minimum System Requirements:
- Pentium II 266 Mhz or better
- 64 Megabytes of RAM

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Date Added: 12-May-2002
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