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Gangsters 2

Take a stab at mob-life with the new playable demo of Gangsters 2. This real-time strategy game lets players control a group of criminals during Prohibition-type era. As an aspiring mob boss, players must engage in a variety of illegal activities such as assassination, bribery, extortion, and gang warfare in order to keep the 'Family' business afloat, and not sleeping with fishes.

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Gangsters 2 brings to life the organized crime world of Prohibition America, a time when violence and greed ruled in the pursuit to become the boss of bosses. Use your skills and cunning to build a team of mobsters including specialists such as Card-Sharps, Hit-Men, Arsonists, and Safe-Crackers in the attempt to dominate the cities in the state of New Temperance.
Command your trusted Lieutenants to bribe officials, carry out hits, execute drive-by shootings and ambushes on enemy gangs. Run illegal businesses to fund your organization; if you are successful then pretty soon you will have riches, a bullet proof car and a team strong enough to run the state and help you face off against your arch-enemy... But only one of you will survive the vendetta...

Minimum System Requirements:
- 266 Mhz Pentium® II or equivalent
- Windows® 95B/98/ME
- 64 MB RAM
- DirectX® 7 compliant video card w/8 MB VRAM
- DirectX 7 compliant sound card
- DirectX 7 or higher (included)
- 600 MB uncompressed hard drive space
- Keyboard and Mouse

Published by: Eidos  - View official site
Downloads Thus Far: 2326

Date Added: 11-May-2002
Visitor Rating: 7.56 (from 18 votes)  - Add your rating
File Size: 153MB
File Type: Playable Demo

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