: Action

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Deus Ex  (Added: 11-May-2002)  8.69  [Rate It]
Take a trip to the not-so-distant, nano-implanted, cyberpunk future as JC Denton - augmented cybernetic biomech. Screen capture
Size: 139.4MB File Type: Playable Demo Buy Now!

Half-Life: Opposing Force  (Added: 8-May-2002)  6.46  [Rate It]
Named 'Game of the Year' by over 50 publications. Players return to the Black Mesa Research Facility to experience an entirely new episode of single player action. Screen capture
Size: 71MB File Type: Stand-Alone Demo Buy Now!

Hitman: Codename 47  (Added: 11-May-2002)  8.46  [Rate It]
If ultra-violence is your style, then Hitman is likely to be your weapon of choice. This is a fast-moving action strategy that demands both mental negotiation and a raw willingness to inflict pain upon others. For mature audiences only. Screen capture
Size: 35MB File Type: Playable Demo Buy Now!

Project Eden  (Added: 11-May-2002)  7.00  [Rate It]
Here's your chance to play Core's squad-based action game, Project Eden Taking control of a 4-man team from the Urban Protection Agency your task is to descend into the claustrophobic sub levels of the city. Amid the flesh ripping mutants, you must uncover a conspiracy that threatens the infrastructure that will lead to the collapse of the World above. Screen capture
Size: 23MB File Type: Playable Demo Buy Now!

Zax: The Alien Hunter  (Added: 12-May-2002)  9.30  [Rate It]
Zax - The Alien Hunter is Quake meets Diablo! As Zax you'll manuever your way through nonstop action, tricks traps and puzzles that cover 22 missions, 100+ maps, and 7 different environment types. You'll have weapons and upgrades galore to help you, but simply surviving is not enough! On your way you'll be asked to save an enslaved race that looks to you as its only hope for survival. And don't even get us started on the Mutiplayer experience. Are you up to the challenge? Screen capture
Size: 51MB File Type: Playable Demo Buy Now!


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